Night Sky Time Lapse

This is the first long time lapse that I have taken of the night sky.

I started the time lapse early during sunset at around 6:30PM. The sky is still bright (at least, for a camera), however, I set the exposure parameters to what I usually use during actual night time (6 seconds, 1600 ISO, f 1.8) and that resulted in the beginning of the video being too bright, but ending properly exposed while it reveals the stars hiding behind the bright sky.

Unfortunately, of the 3 hours I waited to capture this time lapse, about half of it is covered in cloud. That was unfortunate, but it's unavoidable.

Next time, hopefully, I get to caputure photos and time lapses of the Milky Way (considering buying an actual full-frame mirrorless. Hopefully, I do get to have one before the Milky Way shows up in the night sky.)

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