My Old Music Arrangements

I used to arrange music I like. Or at least play around with audio. Well, I still want to, but due to time constraints… Yeah. Here are some songs that I covered/arranged/modified/played around with. (Mind that all of these are produced digitally–there were no people playing real instruments here, so don’t complain if they sound unnatural [but I did try to make them sound natural].)

Chrono Trigger

"Secret of the Forest"

(SNES → real DSP cover)

Ever wondered how Chrono Trigger's Secret of the Forest would sound like if the SNES' echo DSP effect was replaced with a high quality reverb DSP? Look no more.

"Chrono Trigger"

(SNES → 10 Nokia 3310 full arrange)

No, of course I did not have 10 Nokia 3310s lying around. I just sampled one and arranged the song to be played in case I have 10 3310s lying around.

(SNES → "real" orchestra full arrange)

Pretty proud of this, although I do understand that it has its own lackings. Sounds good to me, though :D

(SNES → NES full arrange)

This happens when I have too much time on my hands (which I don’t recently)

Snow Brothers II

"Stage 1"

(Arcade full arrange)

When I mixed this, my headphone has low bass frequency response, so if you listen to this with good bass frequency response speakers, you might find the bass a bit too loud.

"ボスやで!" (It's the Boss!)

(Arcade full arrange)

The title of the song (“Boss ya de!”) (yes, this is the official title) is Japanese Kansai dialect for “Boss da yo!”, which means “It’s the boss!”

Batman: Return of the Joker

"Stage 1"

(NES Drum Cover)

I like precision and accuracy when covering stuff, so all my covers were done with the most accuracy to the original as possible.


"Flash of Sword"

(Genesis Drum Cover)

Cool song. I always liked Valis soundtrack.

Valis II

"Sacred Sacrifice"

(Full cover)

This is the first ever song that I arranged. Still proud of it even today, although I know it sounds bad. Also this made me like the MSX2 computer--the drums on the MSX2 version is so crisp! However, this arrange includes traits from multiple versions of the game, with the drums mostly from the NEC-PC version, the roar from the Sharp X68000 version, and the overall melody from the MSX2 version.

Valis III


(Genesis Drum Cover)

Misty Blue


(NEC-PC Drum Cover)

This is pretty fun to play on the real drums, although I never tried.

(Full arrange)

Forgive me for the quality of this.

Tales of Phantasia

"Overcome Difficulties"

(SNES Drum Cover)

This was really hard to do. For these kind of covers, I separate the hardware audio tracks (the SNES has 8 of them) so I can mute the original drums and play my own cover on top of the song. However, Tales of Phantasia on the SNES uses dynamic channel allocation, unlike 99% of SNES games which allocate a single channel for drums, Tales of Phantasia plays drums on the latest available channel, which means the drums are not fixed on a single channel, which means I had to track them all down and mute parts specifically to remove the drums. But the result was good :)


"Rock Garden"

(PC Drum Cover)

Mega Man 7 / Rock Man 7

"Wily Stage 3"

(SNES Drum Cover)

This sounds better than my average cover. I wonder why.

After Burner

"After Burner"

(Arcade full cover [unfinished])

This is like my 3rd arrange overall.



(MIDI → "real instrument" full arrange)

I just like this ringtone.

K-On! / Houkago Tea Time

"Fuwa-Fuwa Time"

(Vocaloid (Rin/Miku) full arrange [unfinished])

No comment.

Spanky's Quest


(SNES → NES full arrange)

Thunder Force IV

"Stand Up Against Myself"

(Genesis full arrange)

This is my 2nd cover overall. Pretty proud of this too, although I know it’s bad.

Tokimeki Memorial / Light Music Club


(SNES Vocaloid (Miku) arrange)

I like Tokimeki Memorial. Yumi Saotome is my first waifu. Got any problem with that?

(SNES Vocaloid (Rin) arrange)

This was sung by Rin Kagamine v2. The pronunciation is pretty bad. I’d recommend Miku’s version.



(NES full arrange)

"Hebe no Daibouken"

(NES full arrange)

"Hebe’s Big Adventure"


(NES full arrange)

"Decisive Battle"

"Hehen da"

(NES full arrange)

"I did well!"

"Cold Hebe"

(NES full arrange)

I don’t have to translate this, do I? It's just the ice stage theme song.

"Under Hebe"

(NES full arrange)

And this too, right? It's just the underground stage theme song.

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