The Constellation of Orion (Plus Orion Nebula)

I captured a photo of the constellation of Orion.

I was about to prepare for sleep, around 12:00 AM when I decided to check satellite imagery to see if the sky is clear. And unexpectedly, it was. So I decided to go outside and take pictures of the sky.

I had no real target this time--it's too late to catch the Milky Way since it has already set, so I just pointed the camera to the sky and took photos.

It's almost new moon, and because of that, the stars are shining bright. It was a good photo, and I decided to return home when my father told me to try the other part of the sky, where the constellation of Orion can be seen. I thought, why not, and took this photo.

Because of the timing (and the lack of viewing space around my house, one major star of the Orion was hid by my house's roof, but otherwise, it was a nice shot, at least among my own pictures.

As an added bonus, if you zoom close enough, the Orion Nebula can be seen.

Unfortunately, this is what my camera can manage. I use a Sony RX-100 VA, and with its almost nonexistent zoom of 4×, there's nothing much I can do. But I'm still happy that I was able to take this photo.

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