buzzG - 「十六夜草紙」 ("Izayoi Soushi / Storybook of the Night After a Full Moon") Lyrics Translation

I don’t really know, but I don't think this is your typical buzzG song. Sure, the lyrics are exactly what you might expect from a buzzG song, but musically, it just sounds different, but I don’t know why. I especially like the style–the feel of the drums, the strum of the guitar, Miku’s dark vocals, and of course, you know how much I like well-made lyrics, so here I am, presenting this song to you.

This will be a first in my translation style. I will try to avoid overly detailed translations while prioritizing the poetic style and using more natural grammatical constructs. Compared to very literal translations, it seems many prefer more artistic translations, so here, I try to create a nice balance between keeping the poetic and dramatic style of the lyrics while trying my best to keep as much meaning and accuracy as possible.

Hope you like it.

Composer and music: buzzG
Bass: Kei Nakamura
Vocals: Miku Hatsune

Original song comment: "At the borderline between summer and autumn..."

Japanese Romaji English
彷徨える亡骸に縋り泣く陰に気付けば samayoeru nakigara ni sugari naku kage ni kizukeba When you notice my crying shadow, holding tightly to your wandering remains,
おまえの声に抱かれて 東雲を遠ざけてくれないか omae no koe ni dakarete shinonome o toozakete kurenai ka will you please embrace me with your voice, and avoid the incipient light of dawn?

離れれば十六夜を目印にして会えばいい hanarereba izayoi o mejirushi ni shite aeba ii If ever we're separated, we can always meet at the night after the full moon.
いつ出逢える 今日か 明日か 憂いを帯びた目 怯えていた itsu deaeru kyou ka ashita ka urei o obita me obiete ita Will we meet today? Tomorrow? My eyes bearing grief are full of anxious fear.

夕立が 容赦なく 降る 降る yuudachi ga yousha naku furu furu The evening rain relentlessly poured and poured.

雨がざあざあ 濡れた横顔が綺麗で ame ga zaazaa nureta yokogao ga kirei de Your face, sprinkled wet by the pouring rain, was the most beautiful.
傘を差し出してくれる誰かと会えるまで居てくれないか まだ kasa o sashidashite kureru dareka to aeru made ite kurenai ka mada Won't you still be with me until I meet someone who will hold an umbrella above for me?

秘密の話をしよう おまえの気が休まるまで himitsu no hanashi o shiyou omae no ki ga yasumaru made Let's talk about our secrets, until you’re satisfied.
もう途切れたんだ 夢を見てたの mou togiretanda yume o miteta no My dreaming has been interrupted already,
どうか移ろわないでくれないか dou ka utsurowanaide kurenai ka so please don’t fade together with my dreams.

萩の咲く音がする 別れの言葉を hagi no saku oto ga suru wakare no kotoba o I hear the sound of the clovers blooming, and they're whispering the words of goodbye.

風がざわざわ 揺れた言の葉が乱れて kaze ga zawazawa yureta koto no ha ga midarete The wind blows, and the wavering words fall into disorder.
剥がれ落ちてく夜の帳に焦らされて背を向けた hagare ochiteku yoru no tobari ni jirasarete se o muketa Kept in suspense by the curtain of the night slowly falling apart, I face my back against it.

月がゆらゆら 照らした横顔が綺麗で tsuki ga yurayura terashita yokogao ga kirei de Your face, illuminated by the flickering moonlight, was the most beautiful.
次の誰かのためにこの場所を譲ればそれでいいんだ 今 tsugi no dareka no tame ni kono basho o yuzureba sore de iinda ima It'd be better for me to let go of this place now for the next person to come along.

(夏が終わるなら君は何処へ往く 秋が始まれば僕は消えていく) (natsu ga owaru nara kimi wa doko e yuku aki ga hajimareba boku wa kiete iku) (Once summer ends, you will leave for someplace and return, but once autumn arrives, I will have disappeared.)

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