About me

What the heck is this site, anyway.

I've always wanted a website of my own, and now, here it is.

I started writing random articles back when I was in 4th year high school, writing about my thoughts, opinions, song lyrics, and other random stuff.

ocube.net is a place where I write random stuff. And when I say random, I really mean random. There are Japanese song translations, photos, articles, music, games and software, tutorials, really, just about anything I can think of.

If you, like me, are interested or into almost anything in this world, then you might enjoy your stay here. Discover new things, learn something hopefully new to you, and maybe enjoy the music.

My inspiration for writing Japanese lyric translations is because there are just too many lyric translations on the internet that are just plain inaccurate. Some may be intentionally inaccurate ("I'd rather say this in natural English than in accurate English"), while some may be unintentional ("I don't know what this word means, so here's a wild guess"). Unfortunately, I am not a native Japanese speaker, however, I can promise you that I tried my best to translate the Japanese lyrics as precisely as possible, even if I have to say it in unnatural-sounding English. It might not be perfect, but it's my best try.

I also post here anything I create, be it games, software, music, art, really, anything. In here are articles, expressing my thoughts and opinions, and sometimes tutorials, too.

And who the heck are you, anyway?

I'm Kyle, I have a deep interest in almost anything. I am always ready to explore and learn anything.

I speak Japanese. I have been learning it for several years already, which could be traced back to my interest in Japan and its culture, which does mean I can watch anime without subtitles, but to be honest, I don't watch anime that much. Japanese is a very expressive language, and it's worth learning. Except for Japanese and English, I also speak Esperanto, although I'm not that fluent with it yet, but I should be able to hold a normal conversation, I think.

I like creating art and music. I primarily make 3D CG art, and while I've been making improvements with it, I'm still far from making good music. But I'm learning. I play the recorder as a fun way to make noise while irritating people around me. I also used to play the piano, but I never got good with that.

Besides that, I like listening to music and playing games. For music, I listen to almost anything from chiptune / video game music to classical orchestra music. If it isn't obvious already, though, my primary music genre is rock, metal, EDM (especially trance), preferrably Japanese. I'm not too fond of English (specifically American) songs, but I do respect the classic ones. For games, I mostly prefer PC games, but besides that, I'd play almost anything. Favorite games include Fallout 4, Journey to Silius, Gradius III, Terraria, among many others.

Recently I've been into software-defined radio, and I like to listen to shortwave broadcasts from time to time, and I also scan 3MHz to 500MHz from time to time, listening to whatever I can find there. I own an SDRplay RSP1A receiver, connected to the rooftop terrestrial TV antenna. It works surprisingly well.

Here's a weird thing about me: I dislike most things that are "common" and "famous" and "popular". This manifests in me not liking modern mainstream pop music (imagine Havanna and Despacito and others) and always finding ways to do things more efficient than what is common. For example, most people use QWERTY for their keyboard layout, but Dvorak and Colemak are both statistically easier to type with than QWERTY, so I made the transition to Colemak several years ago (yes, this website is proudly typed in Colemak!). Also, most people use Windows or Mac OS X for their computers, but that's way too mainstream. Instead, I use Linux, which is a completely free (both cost and freedom) and secure alternative to both. For one, I'm also left-handed, but I don't think I have a choice with that. Most people also use Facebook, but no, not me. Still, I do have a YouTube channel where I upload (guess what) random stuff, and you can find it here. Also, I'm on Twitter @orthocube, but I don't really post anything there. I just retweet photos/videos of shiba inu.

So what?

Nothing really. You asked what this website is and who I am, and I just explained.

Feel free to browse the website, and hopefully, you enjoy your stay here. If not, that's perfectly fine too! People have different interests, and it's not uncommon for two people to be different from each other. Feel free to browse other websites--may I suggest YouTube?