A happy and inspiring drum-n-bass track from Osanzi.

Title: Depressive Artist: Cohol
Album: 裏現 / Rigen

English translation will be published soon.

Title: Heath
Artist: il cremonese
Singer: 初音ミク / Hatsune Miku

It opens with Miku's voice, singing lamentiously with a relaxed voice. Then the drums come in, and you get treated to some really heavy-sounding guitars.

The lyrics are not as deep as most other songs, but it does convey a clear story of losing someone and being unable to get them back.

Plants might not be capable of locomotion, but they are very capaple of motion.

This is the first long time lapse that I have taken of the night sky.


A nice EDM track, very memorable. Miku's mature voice here is a huge difference from most of her Vocaloid tracks.

The SDRPlay RSP1A is a nice software-defined radio (SDR), covering frequencies from 1kHz to 2GHz and with up to 10MHz bandwidth. It is very easy to set up and use, but unfortunately, that is if you are using Windows. Its default SDR software, SDRUno, is only available for Windows, and it requires a...

I captured a photo of the constellation of Orion.

Just for fun during my limited free time, I created a program to find the words closest to any given word using a database of about 370,000 words.

It was an unexpected night. The moon was bright, but I still tried.

This is a sort of new song genre to me–sounds like metal, yet not quite. Anyway, it meets my criterias so I came to like it. Here’s the lyrics 😀

This is just so poetic that I can’t let it go by untranslated.

I used to arrange music I like. Or at least play around with audio. Well, I still want to, but due to time constraints… Yeah. Here are some songs that I covered/arranged/modified/played around with. (Mind that all of these are produced digitally–there were no people playing real instruments here, so don’t complain if they sound unnatural [but I did try to make them sound natural].)

For a school project, I made my first game--Kanji Invaders. I originally intended it to be a Gradius clone but I did not use any game engine, I coded it manually from scratch using C++ and SDL2, so it was an almost impossible task given the time that I have. So I made Kanji Invaders, a Gradius-like game (I guess more like Space Impact) with kanji characters as your enemies. It is my first game, but also the first music soundtrack that I composed. You may listen to the complete 3-song original soundtrack here. Or you may go to the games's page to download it.

This was very hard to translate, seeing that the words are very abstract, and on top of that, confusing. Still, here’s my best attempt at translating this really cool song.

I don’t really know, but I don't think this is your typical buzzG song. Sure, the lyrics are exactly what you might expect from a buzzG song, but musically, it just sounds different, but I don’t know why. I especially like the style–the feel of the drums, the strum of the guitar, Miku’s dark vocals, and of course, you know how much I like well-made lyrics, so here I am, presenting this song to you.

I'm always up to weird things, whether I tell it or not. This Christmas vacation, I plan to tackle a project that I have always wanted to do–create my own virtual computer architecture.

Composer’s Comment:「Recently, I feel like I haven’t seen stars. I’ll try to walk looking up. Yeah, I’ll do that.」